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Brent Barnard got his start in music after getting his first guitar and learning to play in the late 70’s. While working at Gilleys Club 80-82, he met many great guitar players, and learned some great tips, tricks and licks!
In the 80’s he played in some Texas dive bars, and this is where he honed his craft.

In 1986 at 23, Brent met and married his beautiful wife, Melissa in 1987, together they have two sons and two daughters. Instead of following a professional music career, he decided to stay in the Livingston, Texas area and help Melissa raise their four children.

In 2010, after Brent and Melissa’s son, Ricky died in a tragic accident, Brent lost his will and want to play music.

In 2011, tragedy struck again when Brent was diagnosed with brain cancer. After having brain surgery and radiation, Brent sadly had to sell all of his equipment in order to pay bills.

In 2018, Melissa bought Brent an acoustic guitar, wanting him to play for her again. Thanks to her, and GOD, the zeal and love to play came back to Brent and he decided to pursue his passion! This is when Brent decided to invest in some quality equipment, and make past dreams of producing music come true.

Brent has worked with Grammy award winning producers, and is a current member of the Country Music Association. (CMA)

God is my Light! He has brought me through so much, I owe Him everything

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Copy of Kari Ehli
Toxic House

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